Hi! I’m Mary.

I help beauty and wellness professionals use the right words to attract their dream clients and build their most joyous business

…and I’m a fangirl at heart.

Like any proud fangirl, I’m not afraid of the negative connotations of the term. I can’t help it. Excitement, passion and celebration are core to everything I do.

Yes, I’m a working Nail Pro and Educator. And I love it. I have so much fun with my craft. My schedule is full and my clients appreciate me.

After Forrest-Gumping my way through a decade of booth rental, I discovered that the reason my business rocks is because I’ve baked myself into it. As in, the stuff that makes me, “Me”.

I actually make a living by celebrating people every day. Nails is just the context.

Is it really that simple? Yes. And it’s fun, too. Pinky swear.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

I spent years comparing my business to the booth renter down the hall, trying to make it fit into what I thought was the ideal 6-figure nail business…

Asking “better” nail pros what they charge and copying “successful” beauty pros’ marketing….

But it never felt right and I often felt like a failure.

Sometimes it’s hard to see what you have to offer, what sets you apart from other beauty and wellness professionals.

Why a client should choose you over another pro?

Sometimes it’s really difficult to explain your business’s values to a stranger

…never mind millions of internet strangers with your website or social media.

And sometimes it’s downright impossible to stay passionate about your business when it feels out of control with difficult clients who ask for services you don’t enjoy.

I‘ve been there, too, nailfriend.

That’s when fangirling can become one of the most useful tools in your business.

Fangirl (verb)
: a form of marketing that courageously communicates deep faith in the product or service you’re sellingMary Chhea's definition of fangirl

More than anything, the fangirl way of marketing is about accepting responsibility.

It’s about turning the inner floodlight from your self doubt/fear of judgment/search for external validation and shining it on your clients, their problems and how you can solve them.

And most importantly, communicating your solutions.

Accepting this responsibility helps you see your unique abilities without feeling conceited for fake.

Only then will it become easier to tell clients how you can best serve them.

That’s why I’m #obsessed with helping you leverage your biggest business asset: YOU.

Your business wouldn’t exist without your vision, passion and skill. And no other business will ever exist like it.

I discovered that when you embrace this idea, business can be fun and full of ease.

You laugh at work again.

Your dream clients find you.

You get creative and expand.

It’s easy to make changes or try new things.

Your business continues to grow sustainably, without risk of falling apart.

Heck, you can even take a paid vacation and contribute to a retirement plan.

Say whaaat???

Your business can be your biggest fan, literally funding the life of your dreams like a bunch of tweens donating their allowances to make Kylie Jenner the richest under-21 celebrity.

But in order for that to happen, you have to be your business’s biggest fan first.

You have to convince potential clients she’s an awesome place to be.

Fangirling is not for the faint of heart.

It takes passion and the courage to express it, no matter who may be listening.

Because underneath it all, your faith in how you help your clients drives that passion. Your faith will drive your message to the people who need it most.

Are you ready to fangirl your business?

About Mary

Mary Chhea O’Brien is a beauty professional since 2006 & has had the pleasure of sharing advanced nail techniques & technology with Nail Professionals from all corners of the world; worked backstage at New York Fashion Week & private runway events; & represented the world leader in Nails, Fashion & Beauty at industry trade shows & PR events.


  • Education Ambassador of the Year 2016
  • Education Ambassador of the Month November 2011
  • Central Region Bestie 2015
  • Central Region Bestie 2016
  • Central Region Banker 2016
  • Central Region Rainmaker 2016

Mary’s M.O. is to help empower Nail Professionals to own their worth, grow confidence in their technical skills, flex their business muscles & bring beauty into the world, finding fulfillment & success along the way! Since becoming a CND Education Ambassador, Mary has participated in hundreds of high fives, pledging to give one (& maybe a hug) every time a Nail Professional realizes an artistic, technical or financial goal. Fangirling fellow entrepreneurs & beauty professionals is a favorite past time.

If you’re here to find a more 3-D version of Mary, I will tell you in first-person: I love all things Harry Potter (I’m a sucker for back story!); unexpected road trips; & quirky, cartoony handbags. I have a heartfelt affinity for words & the way in which they are arranged & presented & absurd, surreal comedy that makes me feel uncomfortable. I love being in the mountains, camping & hiking but I have been known to cry during the pain of it all.

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