[Business] Blurred Lines: A Nail Professional’s Guide to Walking The Line Between Business & Personal Life

The nail industry, & booth renting especially, is a special business because it’s personal. We become friends & confidantes to our clients. We get to see them through careers, marriages, children, divorces, losses, successes, celebrations. (And they, us.)

Because it straddles the line between business & personal life, we can sometimes go through our workdays like it’s just another social engagement. We forget to treat it like a business.

We can sometimes go through our workdays like another social engagement. We forget to treat it like a business.

And when the lines get blurry between social life & business, unfortunate thing can happen: burnout, mismanaged money, difficulties charging for services, unrealized business (or self) worth, even resentment toward these lovely people who spend time with us twice a month.

How can we prevent weaving a much tangled web without even knowing it? More alarmingly, how can we find our way out of the middle of a sticky web?

In either case, here’s a simple place to start: create measurable goals in your business & map out how you’re going to achieve them.

Creating goals can help measure your success in the salon & as a self-employed Nail Professional. Not only do they provide something to look forward to, goals give you a baseline by which to measure activities that your gut is telling you may or may not be right in your nail station.

If a situation arises & your intuition tells you it doesn’t feel quite right, ask yourself, “Will this activity bring me closer to my goal?” Having clear boundaries in the form of business goals can help you more easily protect you from hurting yourself in your business.

Having clear boundaries in the form of business goals can protect you from hurting your business by way of sarificing integrity or operating from a false place of helping others.

All that said, it’s important to realize that goals only MEASURE success. Goals are NOT success itself. (Nail Pros whose hackles are raised in defense of their loyal clientele, at ease!)

Rather, goals are little landmarks in the adventure of small business ownership (& joyful life-ness in general). Let me explain: when you reach a goal, what happens? Another one appears. If you wait until you achieve all your goals to be happy, you’re never going to get there. Celebrate the journey towards your goals—the everyday actions & victories & even the setbacks—& it’ll make reaching your goals WAY faster & more fun.

I have a question for you: What’s the one goal you want to accomplish in your nail salon business next year? How are you going to make it happen? Please leave a comment & let’s dream together!

If you’re ready to move your goals into motion, click here to learn how. *hand heart*

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