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How to Boost Client Loyalty and Increase Profitability

What's the first thing you can do to build client loyalty, protect her nail health & increase profitability through relationships?

Educate yourself.

What's the second thing?

Educate your client.

(It's also the most powerful thing you can do to build loyalty, maintain natural nail integrity & build relationships.)

As Nail Professionals, we are in a special position where we can share our professional development with our clients. And they will support us & cheer us on as we grow.

But as Nail Pro & CND Education Ambassador Carmen Glover shares, one of the most powerful things we can do in the salon is pass on our newfound knowledge to our clients. Done intentionally, simple conversations can protect them, build client loyalty & ultimately make our businesses more profitable.

After attending a CND Shellac training in her hometown of Las Vegas, NV, Carmen noticed that her clients were really excited to find out what she learned. But they didn't necessarily want to geek out over scientific advancements the way a Nail Pro would.

A hallmark of an effective educator is their ability to bridge gaps & adjust their messaging based on their audience. That's exactly what Carmen does with her clients. She doesn't just share her educational takeaways with her clients.

She shows them how THEY will benefit from what she learned.

The more she shared, the more her clients understood they were getting a superior service, especially compared to what some of their friends were getting in other salons.

They understood differences in nail color systems, why systems work & what to look for in a salon when they get their nails done out of town. #snowbirdproblems

And they're always so happy to share how they schooled their temporary Nail Pros when they get back to Las Vegas.

Carmen never has to worry that her clients' seasonal absence will affect her business.

She knows that because their relationship is built on respect, care & sharing knowledge, they'll be back, bringing new snowbird friends with them.

Here are some of Carmen's best tips for implementing client education to build loyalty, help your clients protect themselves & increase your perceived value & profitability:

Be sincere & come from the heart.
Learn & talk about what you love. When you share your knowledge & passion, your clients feel that you care & know you're telling the truth. This builds trust, which in turn builds every good business relationship.

Don't be a know-it-all.
"We get passionate about what we do & we can come off stand-offish," Carmen says. Be patient & take the time to explain if your client doesn't understand something straight away or reports some bit of misinformation she heard on television.

Be casual, keep it conversational & ask questions.
Say a new client comes in says she has gel nails. Ask questions to get at the truth: "Was there a liquid? Was there a powder? Did they mix that together? If the answer is yes, then unfortunately, you don't have a gel manicure." Then l explain the difference between what she really has & what she thinks she has. You don't necessarily have to be technical, but talk about the differences in her experience with each service.

Be compassionate.
"Clients don't know. They didn't go to school for nails. They only know what they're being told," says Carmen. Be patient, have compassion & always treat your client with respect when educating them.

Be professional.
Use updated & professional terminology. Don't fear monger or belittle competitor brands. After all, that's part of the education you got & are sharing with them.

Don't be bossy.
"You're speaking to an adult. And no adult likes to be told what to do," says Carmen. But they do like to, & will, make informed decisions when armed with the right information.

Watch the entire interview below:


How do you educate your clients in your salon? What effects does it have? Leave a comment below.

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