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Should clients occasionally take off their Shellac so their nails can “breathe”?

The short answer? NO.

Nails don’t have respiratory systems, so they don’t need to breathe. Your clients never need to take a break from color. The idea that clients should take a break from wearing coatings like Shellac, Gel or Liquid & Powder (acrylic) enhancements is outdated & uninformed.

In fact, consistently wearing a coating like Shellac or enhancements helps to keep nails tough & flexible.

Here’s why:

Nails don’t need to breathe, but they are breathable

Nail plates have little pockets of space between the tightly woven molecules of keratin, the protein that makes up your gorgeous little canvases.

These pockets are filled with air, but they can also be filled with other, more damaging things like water or cleaning solutions. When water or harsh solvents penetrate the nail plate, they can cause damage like delamination, peeling, chipping or shredding.

(Have you ever used Clorox wipes without wearing gloves to protect your natural nails? NOT pretty!) ⬇️ ⬇️

The good news is that these microscopic pockets can also be filled with nourishing, protective substances like jojoba oil, vitamin E or keratin itself, which can actually repair damaged nail plates!

Vinylux, pictured above in The Nudes collection, is the original long-wear polish. It dries in 8 minutes for 7 days of shiny, chip-resistant wear. And now infused with a unique complex of keratin, jojoba oil & Vitamin E for beautifully cared-for nails in-between every manicure.

And no matter what your client wears on her nails, she can pump up the nail plate nourishment by using SolarOil twice a day. SolarOil penetrates the nail coating all the way through to the nail plate, plasticizing the entire nail. The nail becomes stronger by being more flexible.

What do you tell your clients when they ask if they should take a break from coatings?

We’d love to know! Leave a comment below & share how you handle clients when they ask if they should take a break.

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