[Skills] CND Master Classes When YOU Want Them (even in your pajamas!)

Have you been waiting a loooong time for CND classes in your area?

Is it difficult for you to take time away from the salon or your day off to attend a live class? Are you often one of the disappointed professionals when a Master class is scheduled at your local distributor store & gets canceled because of low registration?

Fear not, stalwart Little Miss(ter) Nail Professional! You still have options to getting the education you need to get elevate your professionalism, hone your technical skills, & build your clientele.

A sneak peek into CND University, the interactive, online hub for high quality CND education.

One way is to travel to trade shows. These sensory feasts are a geek-worthy, relatively cost effective option, as they usually offer lots of education for one ticket price.

Or, you can travel to specific classes. My beautiful friend, CND Education Ambassador Lauri Allore, wrapped a friend visit into a class visit last summer–& it was all tax-deductible!

Lauri & me at a nail art boot camp in July 2016.

You can find a list of classes within 300 miles of your location (or more, if you’d like) at CND.com in the Just For Pros section.

If classes are difficult to come by, arranging private education with a CND Education Ambassador may be more convenient & more affordable than attending a trade show, but likely more expensive than a distributor class.

The handy, dandy class locator at CND.com. Just log in for access!

If you’re looking for a good balance between convenience & cost effectiveness, online is a great way to go.

I don’t just mean trawling through YouTube videos made by non-professional bloggers or hobbyists. (Even though they are definitely fun when you’ve got some time to research new ideas & trends!)

I’m talking real, certified CND education with all the perks of attending a live CND class: product kits worth hundreds of dollars, exclusive Master rewards, certificates, & listing on CND.com‘s salon locator to help you build your clientele on autopilot. (What blogger can do that for you? Seriously, if there is one, share the deets, please!)

A bit of the class kit provided in the Master Painter, CND’s 8-hour hands-on color systems class.

This perfect blend of convenience, affordability, & industry-recognized credentials is available at CND University. (And oh, my nerdy, Internet-loving heart sings!)

Launched in 2014, CNDU is the online hub of the high quality educational resources you know & love from the world leader in Nails, Fashion, & Beauty. It’s pretty & easy to navigate, too! Yes, even on your phone. #mobileresponsivenessrules

Imagine being able to complete that elusive Master Painter class over the course of a month. Or binging through it like the newest season of Sherlock on Netflix.

Imagine being able to complete that elusive Master Painter class over the course of a month. In only half an hour a day. In your pajamas. Or binging through it like the newest season of Sherlock on Netflix. Or being able to reference a specific lesson in class 3 months after finishing it. (No marathon withdrawals here!)

This is why CND University exists!

It doesn’t matter if you are the only Nail Professional in your community or if you are one of tens in a salon. You deserve to build & grow your business on your terms, in your own time–quality education & business-building certifications included. CNDU lets you do just that.

Check out this video to see how it works:

For a limited time, you can get certified as a Master Painter on CND University. No more waiting for a distributor store to schedule a class. No more disappointing, canceled classes.

But you only have until March 31 to take advantage of this unique, fun, interactive opportunity!

Log in & have a look around–you don’t need to commit to buying a class to explore.

Tell me–have you tried online professional education before? What was your experience?

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