In-Person Classes

In-Person Classes

Why attend a live class?

There still isn’t anything quite like attending a live class. Whether or not your state requires continuing education for licensure, here’s what you can get coming to an in-person nail party:

  • Get product kits with class when applicable
  • Mindfully practice the techniques that have been become second-nature
  • Get over-the-shoulder feedback & guidance
  • Have fun meeting fellow Nail Pros in a safe, supportive space
  • Troubleshoot & learn from local Nail Pros
  • Take advantage of exclusive day-of-class discounts
  • Get free logo tools & swag
  • Dance parties & high fives not guaranteed but likely

To register for an in-person class, click on the class calendar below & call the store directly.

Important: Registration is due 14 days PRIOR to class.

If you’re waiting to just drop in, you might be walking into an empty (canceled) classroom. Sorry, but I don’t make the rules. 🙁

Click the calendar to find a class

Want to see what some past in-person classes look like?

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