When the Creative Juices Dry Up

“Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.”

John Cleese said that in this super inspiring speech from 1991. He’s an actor, a writer, & my old guy crush (because he’s so damn smart! Even if he is a big ol’ grump in his old age…).

If you want a real, no-holds-barred account of HOW to be creative, you should definitely give it a watch. (You can read a really cool annotated version, too!)

I used to think that creativity was something you either have or don’t.

A quality that you are born with or not. A talent for evoking validation from others. (Everyone’s a critic, right?) The end result is always the paramount prize.

I held so tightly to this expectation that it choked the life out of both art & artist. (Does that sound familiar?)

Inspiration was rare. And when it hit, execution fell short of expectation 90% of the time. The one time out of 10 that I was lucky enough to make something beautiful, I felt drained, defeated, heavy.
Where (the cuss) did all that inspirational energy go?

But the key to Creativity–the kind that changes minds & solves problems & shifts the heart–comes from a lightness within. PLAY.

Releasing the expectation of how the end result looks. Relaxing the grip, lightening the touch. Trusting your methods, techniques, the process of Creating itself.

True, embodied Creativity isn’t a finite resource that can be used up; it is inside your fiery belly, an inexhaustible source of beauty. But it must come from INSIDE.

YOU are creative.

And we are so grateful for your light!

What do you do when you experience artist’s block? What are you secrets to overcoming? Leave a comment because we love you!

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