99 Problems but #nailschool ain’t one

As I gracefully sliiiide past that (ch)#easy Jay-Z reference, I ask you:

What do you consider when deciding whether or not to attend a live education event?

Here’s what I hear most on my Instagram/Facebook posts:

1. Time: Is there enough lead time to schedule time off from the salon or budget properly for it? Operating our businesses in 2-3 week cycles means we like to PLAN so life doesn’t pass us by, amiright?

2. Location: Living in a lovely, small town is great for business & raising kids, but not necessarily for accessing the timely, delicious skill building we crave.

3. Money, honey: Much in the same way that cheap nails aren’t nice & nice nails aren’t cheap, cheap nail education ain’t quality & quality nail education ain’t cheap! We need to budget for the good stuff.

All totally valid reasons. Do any of them vibe with you?

My seat at CND’s World Summit, 2014, in mood lighting

I used to totally get caught up in these excuses, too! These days, I also experience choice paralysis: too many choices & I get overwhelmed & run away. I literally need someone I trust & respect to tell me what classes are worth my while because I’m a BIZAYYY (ahem, busy) Nail Tech, darn it. In fact, 3 of the best classes I’ve ever taken came to me this way. #nailtribewins

Now I get to pay it forward & BONUS! you could save up to $1000 when you do decide to invest in your biz education:

Part 1:

Thanks to CND’s Master Nail Scholarship, in partnership with Beauty Changes Lives, location & money no longer have to be challenges to gettin’ your Learn on!

Education Manager Roxanne Valinoti unveils CND’s 2nd SHELLAC Top Coat, XPress5.

In short, the program will reimburse up to $1000 in class tuition, travel, & even open stock purchases at CND Master classes. That’s right–you could have your entire CND Grand Master paid for & even make a little vacation out of it. (My friend, Tanya Sisson aka Nail Girl, hosts classes in Hawaii, you know…)

If you’ve been waaaaaiting to experience the nail industry’s most respected CND education program, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for to move ahead & follow your heart, Preciousss.

Part 2:

This year, I’m piloting a program that will help you strategically implement the information you get at your typical CND Grand Master weekend so you can actually get a return on your investment as soon as possible.

The CND Grand Master Symposium is a holistic education experience: 3 bonus preparatory classes, 3 live Master classes in CND’s color & enhancement systems, & 3 bonus business implementation classes. You will also have complimentary access to 3 round table advising sessions to work through your specific challenges in a safe, supportive environment.

Team CND demonstrates the CND 5 point Polish Method–perfect for consistent, fast, & SKINNY color application!

As the great Holly Schippers aka FingerNailFixer said,
β€œAll Nail Professionals are not created equal, much in the same way that no two school experiences are alike, & EDUCATION is a key component in being safe, smart, & successful.”Holly Schippers aka FingerNailFixer

Investing in your education is investing in your business. Investing in your business is investing in your ability to serve. And investing in your ability to serve not only makes the world a better place; it’s the only way to make a happy life. There’s your #boldstatement for the day. πŸ˜‰

Are you ready to watch your business evolve to the next level? Leave a comment below & let us know: In a perfect world where your wishes came true, what exactly would that look like?

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