[Business] Giving Back to the Next Generation of Artists

“There’s always more where that came from.”

Let me be real here for a minute.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as a self-employed Nail Professional (actually, human.) is this whole idea that money is hard to come by. You have to work hard to make bank. And that wanting more money kind of makes you a jerk.

These ideas came from lots of places: movies where the rich guys were the bad guys. My hardworking, pure-intentioned refugee parents. And, if I’m honest, an embarrassing satisfaction derived from being “busy”. Self important much?

Not that I’m blaming anyone for my skewed worldview. We all have patterns & programs that come from our environments. That’s just part of life. But the fun part is that we get to discover them, analyze them & use them to grow–it’s a choice we all have!

Thanks to some really well-timed people, books & relationships that all stemmed from my nail booth, I realized that money, like all other relationships, is just an exchange of energy.

It’s an infinite resource for me to use to serve my life purpose.

It’s easy to get sidetracked, distracted & tempted back into holding back financially & worrying about whether or not there will be enough for tomorrow.

A fast way for me to get back into a healthy mindset when making money is to actually give it away. What better reminder that There Is More Where That Came From than to share wealth with another person?

That’s why I pledge to give back, in the name of every student who attends a direct class or enrolls in an online course, to purpose-driven programs that help to empower people to create the careers & lives of their dreams through intentional, inspired action.

A consistent reminder & thanks for all the joy & depth of discovery that being in the beauty industry has afforded me.

A pay-it-forward on behalf of all my students. (Actually, teachers would be a more true statement.)

Enter ScholarTips, a program of fellowship, mentorship & awareness for the next generation of beauty & wellness graduates by successful, happy beauty & wellness professionals.

ScholarTips is an easy yet powerful way for all beauty professionals to get involved with Beauty Changes Lives, a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation that offers scholarships to beauty & wellness school programs to elevate the perception & standard of professionalism of the beauty industry.

Tired of the low-brow stereotypes that come with being a beauty professional? This is where you can help change it.

Practicing my Fashion Week nail pose behind the scenes at the Beauty Changes Lives Next Generation event, America’s Beauty Show, 2015.

I know (& you probably do, too!) that beauty does indeed change lives, careers & communities.

Almost everything I love in my life has grown, in some way, from my place in the beauty industry. It’s perfectly fangirl-able to have found an organization that feels the same way about the power of this lovely beautifying biz. It’s so exciting to see other lives change because someone decides to use the power of touch to uplift a fellow human.

It’s the best gift we all have, no matter background, age, location, gender, whatever.

As beauty pros, we’re just lucky enough to get paid for it.

Want to lend a hand? Visit the ScholarTips & Beauty Changes Lives websites to learn more.

How do you give back to the community, either in business or personally? Leave a comment & give us some ideas!

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