[Skills] 4 Ways that 1 Technique will Up-Level Your Liquid & Powder

I don’t know about you, but I get a definite sense of knowing & safety in my little nail studio. It certainly is comforting to know that there is a place where I get to sit with my friends & bring beauty into the world by making them feel good about themselves.

And yet…

There’s the constant challenge. Challenge that requires consistent presence, awareness & discipline to master.

Developing client trust! Perfecting massage technique that won’t kill your thumbs! Zone sculpting! Mix ratio! Fitting a form! Polishing quickly & neatly so that your client doesn’t mess up her nails before she leaves the parking lot!

If you take your eye off the prize at the wrong moment…if your client sneezes at the wrong moment…if you get too wrapped up in your conversation…you could very well end up with a less-than-thrilled client whose one nail is pointing the opposite direction of her finger & VERY sore thumbs because you tried to make up for the little sculpting error with an extra hand massage.

One of the biggest little challenges I’ve faced as a Nail Pro (& SOOO often troubleshoot with other Nail Pros) is that of Liquid & Powder mix ratio.

When mixing liquid (monomer) with powder (polymer) to create nail enhancements, it requires a precise ratio of liquid to powder. Proper mix ratio for CND Liquids & Powders is 1.5 parts liquid to 1 part powder.

This magic little number, 1.5:1, can change your life as a Nail Enhancement Professional!

Here’s how:

You know that little circle of lifting that seems to magically appear in the center of your nail enhancement? No lifting at the cuticle, sidewall or extension edge from which it could have grown? That’s center pocket lifting. Sure, this can be caused over time by repeated impact from your client’s actions, but if you’re seeing it at the first rebalance, your mix ratio is probably too wet or too dry. Get back to 1.5:1 & never think of them again.

2. Cuts down cure time & prevents early service breakdown
Did you know that L&P enhancements need 24-48 hours to cure completely? Enhancements can be a little more fragile & prone to breaking, cracking or chipping during that initial curing time because the polymerization reaction isn’t yet complete.
Why such a large window of time? 48 hours is DOUBLE 24 hours! Again, it depends on your mix ratio. The more liquid you use, the longer it will take to cure. If you use too little liquid, you’ll have incomplete polymerization, uncured powder crystals & a surefire setup for service breakdown–& a longer rebalance service.

3. Reduces chances for overexposure
Not only does working with a too-wet mix ratio create center pocket lifting, it also increases the likelihood of creating a client sensitivity to Liquid & Powder enhancements! (When I first learned this, my stomach dropped & I kind of wanted to cry…)

Overexposure, or the sensitivity a person develops to certain chemicals by being exposed to them consistently over time, usually manifests as redness, itching, inflammation & peeling or cracking in the soft tissue around the nail plate.

Liquid & Powder overexposure most commonly happens when liquid monomer keeps touching the skin around the nail plate, either straight from the brush or because liquid floods the nail plate & the soft tissue surrounding. Proper mix ratio prevents both of these. And, please, NEVER touch your sculpting brush to the skin!

4. Service time = Faster!
Proper mix ratio ensures a consistent set time, cure time & helps you create perfectly sized beads, which in turn makes it easier to sculpt with your brush & eliminate excess filing. BONUS: This also reduces the chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome & repetitive strain injury!

Are you ready to mindfully deconstruct & incredibly improve your L&P skills?

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May your Liquid & Powder beads be ever medium-wet!

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