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Nailspiration, Pinspiration & Perspiration: Taming the Pinterest Nail Art Beast

Does this story sound familiar?

Before Pinterest became the go-to source for design inspiration of all kinds, I was terrified whenever a client asked for nail art.

It usually went like this: I pulled out a dried-up sheet of nail decals & pray my client would choose one of them.

Sometimes, it worked.

Other times, she sort of sighed indecisively & asked, “Can you paint a flower instead?”

I gulped as I pulled out 2 striping brushes, a stylus dotting tool & a set of acrylic paints that I scavenged from my childhood art supplies.

I silently held my breath to steady my shaking hand, hoping that the green line would make a straight stem. And that my dots would be placed in some reasonable approximation for flower petals.

Most of the time, I didn’t even charge my client after the trauma of it all.

Oh, the nail art shakes! Can you relate?

Let me reiterate, this was before Pinterest. Before 1 billion beauty pins were added to the site annually. Before 526 million beauty posts were added to Facebook per day. Before 41 million hash tagged & catalogued #nailart posts popped up on Instagram.

Now more than ever, clients are coming in with inspiration swiped from social media.

How’s a Nail Pro to keep up? (Especially if we’re a little scared of nail art?)

We keep up the way Sherlock Holmes solves crimes: we deduce techniques based on the style as a whole.

When Sherlock Holmes first encounters a crime, he takes in the scene as a whole, even the smallest details. During the investigation, he reverse engineers the crime as he explores those details. (And he’s never wrong.)

To keep up with socially-inspired nail styles without breaking a sweat, we Nail Pros can reverse engineer the overall nail style into individual nail art techniques.

What’s the difference between nail style & nail technique?

Style is defined as the way something is done, created, or designed. Because style is subjective, it’s always unique & personal.

Nail styles tell a story about the wearer: preferences, personality, even alter ego.

Have you ever had a seemingly conservative client who loved getting compliments on her ultra blingy nails? Or a client, trendy in every other way, who just wanted short & inconspicuous nails? What do those style preferences say about their wearers?

If you want to build a loyal nail art clientele, it’s important to understand each client’s nail style goals. When she can trust you to help her express herself without speaking, you’ll gain her trust & take the client relationship to a whole new level of devotion.

Technique, on the other hand, is defined as a way of carrying out a particular task, the execution of procedure.

Nail art techniques don’t necessarily mean anything in & of themselves. But they will give you a step-by-step roadmap to creating a desired look.

Sherlock pieces together details during an investigation. Likewise, mastering different nail art techniques will help you figure out how to reverse engineer a Pinterest request. The more nail art techniques you have in your toolkit, the easier it is.

After Forrest-Gumping my way onto the CND Fashion Week team in 2011, I learned that creating showstopping nail art could be easy; all I needed was a set of solid techniques that I felt confident in executing.

That’s what you’ll learn in (my new favorite live class) CND Art-Rageous:

We take looks straight from Pinterest & break them down into simple, bite-sized techniques.

Then you get some hands-on time & something magical happens:

You discover how many different looks you can create with just one simple technique.

So mastering different nail art techniques doesn’t just help you reverse engineer complicated nail styles. It helps you create your OWN looks–& those don’t have to be complicated to make your client feel beautiful, expressive, seen.

THAT is what nail art is about. It’s not just about fancy brush strokes (even though CND Art-Rageous will show you how to make them easily). It’s not about finding the perfect stamper (even though CND Art-Rageous will help you figure out how to find your best one).

Creating awesome, profitable nail art is about creating an amazing experience for your client.

One where she watches you create something one-of-a-kind just for her. One were she’s constantly reminded between appointments of how special she is. All because her nails say something very clear about HER.

You’re already really good at that. Let’s get you the right techniques to make that statement even more boldly.

To find my next CND Art-Rageous session, check my calendar here.

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Your turn: Does nail art scare you? What have you done to overcome this fear? If you haven’t, what’s stopping you?

Leave a comment below & let us know. You’re not alone, Nailfriend! ❀️