[video] CND Classes from Premiere Orlando 2017

The best thing about trade shows? Learning!

There isn’t a better place to get quality education, check out the latest technology & fads, & score killer product deals than a trade show. Whether it’s local or national, distributors & manufacturers pull out all the stops to create an experience for all attendees.

This year’s Premiere Orlando show at the Orange County Convention Center was no exception! CND’s runway show–complete with designer clothes, hair, makeup, & nail looks hot off the runway–returned with even more nail tutorials & surprises.

CND’s educational runway show stops traffic at Premiere Orlando 2017

The CND booth included live demonstrations by celeb nail artists

Attendees learned how to transform runway nails into easy, real-world looks for clients.

And that’s just in the booth!

Trade show classes are often exclusive classes that you can’t get anywhere else. And thanks to CND Education Ambassador Holly Schippers’s deft hand with a video camera, you can have an inside look at what we learned at Premiere.

Advancing the State of the Industry Through Trend Prediction

Jan, Lauren, & Doug talk about the trends for fall, how to build a nail art portfolio & sell nail art services, & regulations that could affect the nail industry.

CND Co-Founder & Style Director, Jan Arnold
Nailed It Finalist & Founder of Wildflowers Nails, Lauren Wireman
Regulatory Consultant & Founder of Schoon Scientific, Doug Schoon

Troubleshooting (Parts 1 & 2)

This class is a no-holds-barred Question & Answer session designed to help you overcome your business & service challenges. It’s meaty, honest, & oh-so-satisfying!

Secrets of Retention+

Tips to make Liquid & Powder enhancements more consistent, master mix ratio, & escape the Smile Line rabbit hole foreverrr!

What’s your biggest takeaway from these live classes? Share with us in the comments below!

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