[Business] Complete Your CND.com Profile & Get More Clients on Autopilot

Have you recently attended a CND Shellac Brand Certification or Master class?

If so, you can be automatically added to CND.com’s Salon Locator database for easy client referrals—for FREE!

I always love finding way to automate my business, & that can be a challenge as an independent Nail Professional booth renter in a full service salon suites set up. Without a doubt, being listed on CND’s FREE *exclusive* referral database has been a very useful & profitable part of that automation. Oh, & did I mention it’s free of charge?

I’ve been listed on CND.com for 7 years & still get new clients through this channel every year.

Even though I’m not currently accepting new clients, I make exception to clients who find me through CND’s referral database because I know that these clients are well-informed.

Not only do they know they want a Shellac manicure, they know that SHELLAC is a brand name, not a service. These clients generally understand the value of proper home care, which also makes my work so much easier & more enjoyable.

Shellac Brand Certified Pros!

Simply put, it’s a great way to make new friends & create new revenue without spending on advertising, investing in referral programs, or lying awake at night trying to find creative ways to bring in new business.

Bonus: If you’ve recently attended a CND Shellac Brand Certification or Master class, you can be automatically added to CND.com’s Salon Locator database for free, easy client referrals.

Watch the video demo at the top of the page, or follow along here:

  1. Log in to CND.com with your BEST email address.
  2. When you log in, your profile will appear, along with your active certifications, if you’ve taken a class. If you haven’t taken a Master or Shellac Brand Certification class yet, your home screen will remind you of this.
  3. Next to your name, click “Edit” & complete your profile so any special gifts will make it to your mailbox.
  4. Underneath your profile, search for your salon by ZIP code. If your salon doesn’t show up in the search results, click “Add Salon” & complete the form.
  5. Once your profile is linked to a salon, your name & contact info will appear in the Salon Locator database.

Where to input your salon info on your profile page

Have you taken an eligible class & aren’t showing up in the search results? Here are some troubleshooting questions:

  • Did you sign in with the same email address you submitted in class? If not, try logging in with the correct email address.
  • Did you lose your account password? Contact the Hotline at 800-833-NAIL for assistance. (I really wish I could, but I have no access to the database.)
  • Did you connect your profile to your salon? Your profile MUST be attached to a salon; otherwise, your certifications won’t show up in the CND.com Salon Locator.

Still need help? Contact the CND Hotline at 800-833-NAIL.

Happy (automatic) book-building!

Have you gained new clients from a referral database? Leave a comment & let us know which one!

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