[troubleshooting] When Your Client Can’t Wear Liquid & Powder Enhancements

What can you do for a client who can’t wear Liquid & Powder because it makes her itchy? For starters, it may not be the L&P that she’s sensitive to.

Asking the right questions & knowing your products can give lovely potential clients the nails they’re dreaming of, rather than sending them back out the door.

To be clear, a chemical is anything that you can see or touch. No chemical can hurt you unless you are exposed to higher levels than what are safe. “Overexposure” is a term used to describe a chemical sensitivity caused by repeated, prolonged exposure to a chemical.

In the salon, Nail Professionals are at a higher risk than clients to develop a chemical sensitivity due to overexposure. Makes sense when we touch nail dust & other chemicals for hours every day, don’t you think? And yet, we totally freak out when a new client comes in & says she can’t wear L&P enhancements because they give her a rash or make her itchy.

In my 12-year career, I’ve had six clients who’ve said they can’t wear Liquid & Powder enhancements. And yet, I create their enhancements with Liquid & Powder. All six of them. With no signs of overexposure at all.

Is it a miracle cure for sensitive clients? Or reckless abandon?

Neither. I just asked some more detailed questions because I know the products I work with very well:

#1: Their natural nail condition was much more suited to Liquid & Powder than Gel, so I asked some more questions.

#2: It turns out their sensitivity was to primer, not monomer liquid or polymer powder.

#3: I use a primerless liquid, Retention+ Liquid by CND.

If you have a client who thinks she can’t wear Liquid & Powder, don’t not believe her. Instead, get some more information. This is NOT a diagnostic questionnaire. These are questions that can be used to tailor your service to your client’s needs:

  • How long did she wear L&P before?
  • When did she discover she might have a sensitivity?
  • Did she switch Nail Techs?
  • What product brand did they use?
  • Did they use a primer or protein bonder?
  • Did she regularly have wet liquid touching her skin when they cleaned up her sidewalls or cuticle?
  • Is her previous Nail Tech local? If so, can you get her contact info & ask a few questions yourself?

The main thing to look for in this history is whether or not her previous Nail Tech used a primer or bonding agent before applying L&P.

When my client answers yes, I tell her that her sensitivity might be to the primer, not the L&P, & if she & her doctor are willing, I’d like to test a primerless liquid called Retention+.

Retention+ is my go-to, everyday liquid because it doesn’t require a primer to get excellent adhesion. A Retention+ enhancement adheres directly to the keratin in the nail plate, so it’s great for people who have a tendency to lift. It also has impressive color stability, so your Forever French pink & white sets don’t turn into brown & yellows. (Keeping it classy, not brassy.)

When your client gets her doctor’s OK for testing a primerless liquid, create the enhancement with Retention+ liquid on one finger.

It’s important to use CND Perfect Color or Retention+ Powders with Retention+ Liquid because you don’t want to throw another variable into your test. Perfect Color & Retention+ powders are made to work as a system with Retention+ Liquid & will give you the right mix ratio, the best strength, & the lowest risk of overexposure.

Take great care not to flood her skin with liquid as you build her test enhancement. Meticulously manicure the rest.

Then in a day or two, call your client & ask how her finger is doing. Is she itching? Is there any redness? If the answer is yes, remove the enhancement & try Brisa Gel, which is a hypoallergenic gel enhancement system. If the answer is no, then she can have the L&P claws of her dreams. #hellonailart!

Even when you client doesn’t have apparent symptoms of sensitivities or overexposure, detailed consultations are a simple, honest way to communicate your value to your clients. It turns a routine appointment into a premium service—one you can charge premium prices for. #goals

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Share your knowledge: Has a detailed consultation or one question saved you from losing a client in the salon?

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