[Skills] 4 Elements of Professional, Classy Nail Enhancements

Classy, professional nails or #basic, amateur nails?

The term “professional” is as much about mindset as it is about conduct.

Nail Professionals are blessed (or cursed?) because the evidence of our professionalism is galavanting all over town, for all the world to see. Buying coffee, making cakes, walking dogs, typing on keyboards…

The evidence of our professionalism is in our work, especially our nail enhancements. While the average laywoman may not be able to see the difference, a Nail Pro who embodies a professional mindset can. Like you!

The difference between amateur & professional nails has NOTHING to do with years of service or how long we spend on a service. It’s all about the details & balancing the strong structure of the nail enhancement with an overall sleek, sexy look.

Take cars, for instance. The Phantom Coupe by Rolls Royce is a sporty, engineering feast. Rolls-Royce has taken some of their engineering innovations & translated them into super zippy cars that can be used by everyday people. (Okay, budgets notwithstanding. I was even giving myself a bit of a side eye there…)

And the mechanical details aren’t the half of it! Part of what makes Rolls Royce so glam-professional is their mindset that no detail is ever spared. For Dumbledore’s sake, you can get a starry night sky inside the roof of your car while hitting 60 from zero in (a very driveable) less than 10!

It’s the whole package that makes Rolls Royce unique amongst their profession.

Just like in nail enhancements!

Long or short, square or ballerina–the foundational structure of a classy, professional nail enhancement is the same.

Long or short, square or ballerina, the foundational structure of a professional, classy nail enhancement is the same.

For L&P enhancements to be strong AND sexy, they MUST have 4 essential structural elements of good design:

  1. Front Form: Parallel sidewalls will give you a pretty, “skinny”, sleek nail shape, but it also adds a huge amount of strength. I’ve experienced this myself as I’ve worn enhancements this past year & jammed my fingers more times than I’m willing to admit. I can FEEL the sidewalls absorb & distribute the impact to the enhancement’s apex with my nail still intact & beautiful.
  2. Upper Arch: the strongest point of your sculpture, the part of the nail that saved my nail from breaking in Element 1. Place it correctly & it can improve wearability tremendously, even if other elements aren’t perfect.
  3. Without a properly placed Lower Arch, stress area cracking/chipping can be a recurring nuisance, to say the least. A missing lower arch is one way to tell if a Nail Pro is working too fast.
  4. Barrel C-Curve: Thin nail enhancements can be strong! Taper your extension edge so impact can travel up to the apex & be absorbed by the strong upper arch. #gamechanger

Are you smellin’ what I’m cookin’? Test drive these elements in the Liquid & Powder Skills class on 3/6. At a manageable 4-hour investment, this is an ideal class if you’re looking for an introduction to the system or a refresher on the latest technology & techniques. Register by 11pm Pacific tonight to get a copy of the Perfect Smile Lines Checklist delivered to your inbox. And then we can practice it in real life, along with those structural design elements.

Here’s to your #sexynails!

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