Marketing and Consulting

Marketing and Business

No one does beauty and wellness the way you do. Call it your special sauce. Your je ne c’est quoi. Your magical fairy dust.

It’s up to you to communicate it to your dream clients.

With client research, the right words and gorgeous design, your dream clients can find you. Your books can be full of the services you enjoy. And you can have a thriving business that grows with you.

Fangirl Marketing

My natural fangirl gifts make it easy for me to see your awesomeness. I‘ll witness you and celebrate you (whether you like it or not). I’ll bake these celebrations into a personalized action plan you can use to create irresistible marketing that attracts dream clients to your door.

Did you know it costs 5 times more to market to new clients than it does to keep an existing one? Because beauty and wellness marketing isn’t a one-and-done deal, you can also get personalized recommendations on creating an unforgettable client experience to keep them coming back.

Implementation and accountability support are available in 3- or 6-month packages.

If you have a specific problem you want to tackle, single strategy sessions are available.

Business Consulting

Sometimes your problems can’t be fixed by a tweak in marketing. Sometimes you have to repair the foundations of your business first.

When you have a sustainable, flexible framework that fully supports the way YOU do business, it can be the difference between burnout and an eternal burning flame.

This is what creates the foundation for your authentic, non-sleazy, fangirl-worthy marketing machine.

If you’re feeling the pressure of the should’s, would’s and could’s of owning a beauty and wellness business

    …if you’re overwhelmed by the conflicting advice on how to raise your prices, time your services

    …if you’re tired of trying to copy another “successful” professional’s business model

    …if you’re not even sure your target market is really your target market anymore,

Let’s start our marketing journey by figuring out how your business can support you instead of trying to stuff yourself into your business-shaped box.

When your business is built with the right framework, based on what YOU need instead of what you think you need to do, your marketing will be 100% more effective.

This is where the beauty of making more money while working less truly begins.

“You are such an inspiration and I appreciate your help.”